The Idea

The idea

Beer enclosed in a word: homebrewing!

The art of making beer at home (homebrewing) is the common thread that brought us to the realization of this undertaking (in every sense!), and is proof that the passion of the beer is central to our offer creations.

The beginnings

All it born a bit by chance, as the best ideas. In 1999, the last year of high school, a series of coincidences have approached the way the beer brewer billy. After the experience in the classroom, in the hours of biology Prof.Olivero, he began his career as a homebrewing.

The typical path, first with the kit (at the time it was not trivial to find raw materials), then a brief stint with the extracts, then move to allgrain technique, the most important turning point was the design and construction of the first beer plant, a tank equipped with an immersion heater, a stirrer and an electric panel to set the temperature of the mash and a pump for decanting and the whirlpool. It was possible to make batch as a hobby, with some satisfaction, winning the contest Beer in Versilia in 2007 and the popular contest in Piozzo, A Beer for Summer 2007, but beginning a period of study, theoretical and practical, with the production of wort and beer dedicated to the study of materials and processes.

The experience made so far allowed the construction of the second plant: a 50-liter steel fully effective. It 'still the pilot plant used in the brewery, has allowed us to study and improve the historical recipes of the two partners, leading to the creation of Sagrin beers!

The Company

In September 2014 a series of events have brought to the conviction that we can turn a hobby into a challenge crafts. Thanks to a full immersion, in March 2015 was made the first batch of beer, followed by two different types. of brand Sagrin, the Samos, our creation with the must of Moscato and Livertin , our extremely hoppy beer p>

In July we began the marketing of the second BunPat, the Chiara - Blonde, fresh and citrusy, which follows the philosophy of the Session Beers, easy to drink! p>

2015 is the name of Beer: Sagrin!